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Pittsburgh Shrine Center

1877 Shriners Way
Cheswick, PA  15024-1075

Events Coordinator
Paulette Zanotti
Office: 724-274-7000
Cell: 412-398-8980
Fax: 724-274-4443
email: PZanotti@syriashriners.org
“I have been using this site on a regular basis now! It has become an invaluable resources especially for trade shows and Corporate events needings certain specs for their set ups. I just send them to this site and they can get their technical questions answered immediately and in the terms THEY UNDERSTAND AND NEED! Things that I know nothing about! I have also referred DJs, Bands and out of state Brides tot his site so they can get a true visual of the space. I highly recommend all venues taking advantage of this great resource!”

Property Manager
Fred Patterson
Cell: 412-613-7018
email: FredPatterson@gmail.com

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