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Kotora, John – Camera

Name:John Kotora Location:Pittsburgh, PA Phone # 1-724-518-5657 Discipline:Camera Years of Experience:13 Day Rate:$350.00 Half Day Rate:$200.00

Kromer, LeRoy – A/V Tech / Lighting

Name: LeRoy Kromer Location: Pittsburgh, PA Phone: 1-570-854-9145 Discipline: A/V Tech / Lighting Years of Experience:6 Day Rate: $300.00 Half Day Rate: $175.00

Peden, Al – Audio / Video

Name: Al Peden Location: Pittsburgh, PA Phone: 1-412-780-3392 Discipline: Audio / Video Years of Experience: 20 Day Rate: $350.00 Half Day Rate: $200.00

Shaffer, Matt – Lighting

Name:Matt Shaffer Location:Pittsburgh, PA Phone # 1-254-595-2615 Discipline: Lighting Years of Experience:38 Hourly Rate: $25.00

Treaudo, Brenston – Video Specialist

Name: Brenston Treaudo Location: Pittsburgh Phone: 1-504-517-6014 Discipline: Video Specialist Years of Experience: 4 day Rate: $300.00 Half Day Rate: $175.00

Valencheck, Terry – Event Design / Production Director

Name: Terry Valencheck Location: Pittsburgh, PA Phone: 1-412-526-1670 Email: tvalencheck@gmail.com Discipline: Event Design / Production Director Years of Experience: 20    

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