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People have asked why I’ve developed this website. Well, I tell them, 47 years in the AV business is why. I’ve done countless site surveys within those 47 years. As an example: Starting with the client, it went something like this: the phone rings or an email comes in, “I’m doing an event at this venue”. Now the client tells me about all the AV he or she wants to use. Then the client asks “well how much will it cost”? You tell the client “DON’T KNOW. I have to call the venue and set up an appointment to do a site survey to determine your needs”. (By the way, this can also come in the form of a RFP, it doesn’t really matter.) Now you make that call, not once, not twice, not even three times, maybe the fourth time you finally connect with the right person to set up the meeting. Now from a venue perspective, the right person just got out of a meeting about the same event with another AV vendor…They’re just going to love hearing from you, because they must repeat everything they discussed, and they’ll do it, because in part, it’s their job, maybe 10% of their overall responsibility. So, the AV vendor gets off the phone, collects their site survey crew…which may consist of two to three people, get in their car, drive to the venue, park, go inside and meet with two or three people that the right person has hopefully set up to meet with you. So, you all take about an hour or so walking around, talking AV and taking measurements. Do the math, to figure man hours on both sides, and let’s not forget fuel costs, employee benefits, and maybe lunch for the AV crew.

You come back to the office, respond to your clients RFP or phone call, you patiently wait for your client to call or email saying the job is yours. Maybe you get it, maybe you don’t. If the answer is NO, you just wasted hours and money on a site survey that didn’t pan out.

The Virtual Tech.Tours on this website should give enough detail to respond to a RFP far more efficiently with far less pain, dollars, and time spent.

On the venue side of things, the right person should only have to deal with the winner of the RFP.



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