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Here’s how it works – You come back to the office, respond to your clients RFP or phone call, you patiently wait for your client to call or email saying the job is yours. Maybe you get it, maybe you don’t.
If the answer is NO, you just wasted hours and money on a site survey that didn’t pan out.

The Virtual Tech Tours on this website should give enough detail to respond to a RFP far more efficiently with far less pain, dollars, and time spent.
On the venue side, the event coordinator should only have to deal with the winner of the RFP.

We now offer a Premium side to our Tours; you now have the capability to setup a video conference within a virtual tour. Once you get past the opening image, RIGHT CLICK and follow the instructions, your password is venuespec, you then can notify your client and they can participate.
Venuespec will still offer free tours minus any Technical information, you will have to go too the premium side for that.

Venue & AV Features
We Feature a Virtual 360 tour of each Venue W/ technical data provided for each room.

Venue Benefits

  • No phoning internal departments to get a question answered.
  • Cutting back on involving multiple departments  to answer A/V related questions.
  • Cutting back on site surveys
  • Dealing with one A/V company as opposed to 4 or 5 for the same event.
  • Overall…Less Headaches.

A/V Benefits

  • Access to local A/V companies & freelance labor
  • A more active response to RFP’s
  • Quick access to venue information & contacts.
  • No waiting on the phone.
  • Cutting back on traveling to the venue for site surveys.
  • No parking fees.
  • Cutting back on personnel to join you in doing a survey.
  • Much less time wasted for both Venue and Event Professionals.
  • All venue information at your fingertips.


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